When brands make and produce video content to raise their brand online is called video content marketing. The idea of video marketing is familiar as brands are using video marketing strategies more and more. Video has become necessary on every platform and channel now.

Video content production is easier and more cost-effective now than ever. Today you can shoot high-quality or 4K videos with your smartphone. However, video content marketing needs to be simplified, even with equipment and editing software availability. Keep reading to learn everything you need about video marketing strategy.

12 Ways how Marketeers use Video Marketing Strategy and Translate it into Actual ROI

Whether your videos are live, pre-recorded or both, here are the ways to maximize the ROI from the usage of your video content.

Calculate your total campaign costs: Before producing any video content, you need to calculate the total projected costs for the campaign; consider the cost of building and promoting your video, i.e., the total amount of money invested.

Defining KPIs: Pin down success metrics you like to achieve—for example, leads or sales you want from your video content to call it a success. Success metrics can be the number of subscribers, website traffic, information, or deals you want.

Add CTAs: Be sure to include clear, solid, and specific calls to action in your video when relevant, and always add branded intro and outros to your videos. You can add a link to product demo sign-up forms as a CTA.

Distribution strategy: Be sure to promote the live stream in advance by posting to your social media pages and announcing it on other distribution channels, like email newsletters, if you are hosting a digital event.

Use of tracking links: Tracking links help you to follow specific video conversions and leads. Using tracking links such as UTM links in Google Analytics can help you understand the value of your videos.

Measure and analyze: Stay focused on conversions. Pay close attention to these video-related KPIs:

  1. Click-through rate (CTR, crucial for generating leads)
  2. Total video views
  3. Total video embeds
  4. Ads clicks and skips
  5. Number of plays
  6. Total video completions (this is helping in seeing where viewers dropped off)
  7. Time spent watching

Optimize videos: This includes optimizing your videos, choosing an optimal video length for each channel, and optimizing it for mobile. Video isn’t a one size fits all deal, which means what works on LinkedIn may not work on Facebook. Tailor your content according to the video platform and be thoughtful about the audience viewing experience.

Add subtitles: Include as many as you can as many viewers may watch your video with the sound mute; this includes subtitles and ensures your message is not lost.

Reduce costs by repurposing videos: Reuse your video after a virtual event or live stream, edit snackable snippets of the recording and distribute it through organic and paid channels.

Be authentic: By being authentic, you can establish a personal connection and foster openness and transparency.

Interaction with your audience in real-time: During a live broadcast, it’s essential to engage with your audience as they are reacting to you asking questions and interact with them as this will help to build a stronger relationship with your viewers and will give them more incentive to tune in to future live streams.

Nurture relationships: After the live stream, ask attendees for feedback and try to maintain a relationship with viewers.


Video marketing is an excellent way for marketers to reach people. Start using videos in your content marketing efforts today!

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