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The exponential growth of data worldwide has made managing backups more complex than ever before. We offer AWS data backup solutions that help you support your regulatory compliance obligations and meets your business continuity goals. It also enables you to centrally deploy data protection (backup) policies to configure, manage, and govern your backup activity across your organization’s AWS accounts and resources.

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Frequently Asked Questions

AWS Backup is a centralized backup service making it easy and cost-effective for companies to backup application data across AWS services in the AWS Cloud and help meet business and regulatory backup compliance requirements. AWS Backup makes protecting AWS storage volumes, databases, and file systems simple as it provides a central place to configure and audit the AWS resources.
Backing up your data is essential for protecting your application and ensuring that you meet your business and regulatory backup compliance requirements. Even durable resources are susceptible to threats like bugs in your application that could cause accidental deletions or corruption. AWS Backup is more cost-effective, forgoing the cost you would incur by opting for your own backup, custom solutions, or manual processes by providing a fully managed, policy-based backup solution that provides automated backup scheduling and backup retention management.
AWS Backup provides businesses a centralized console for automated backup scheduling, backup retention management, and backup monitoring and alerting. It also offers advanced features such as lifecycle backups to a low-cost storage tier, backup storage and encryption independent from its source data, and backup access policies.

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