Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, refers to the process of enhancing the quality and quantity of traffic to a website or a webpage from search engines. SEO focuses on unpaid traffic rather than direct traffic or paid traffic.

Now that we have a brief understanding of SEO, let us discuss the different SEO strategies we can incorporate to improve SEO activity on our web pages.

This is the first article of our article series, “21 best SEO Strategies for 2022.” Do read the rest of the articles as well to improve your SEO skills.

We are going to start this series by discussing one of many SEO strategies, i.e., increasing clicks.

Increasing Clicks

This strategy will help us increase the number of clicks our website receives from Google without actually ranking higher. It is an essential part of SEO strategies because if we are able to master it, then we won’t need to rank higher to get more traffic.

1. Optimizing Favicon

Favicon is the icon you see on your website, URL, and bookmark. It is basically a file containing one or more small icons associated with a website/webpage. Google displays favicon in mobile search results. Having high contrast favicon can influence your click-through rate. Although the increase in clicks from a good favicon is of a few percentage points, it does make a difference if you can get it right.

Breadcrumbs are basically website links allowing users to track where they are on a webpage and how far they are from the homepage. One can usually find them at the top of a webpage or just under the navigation bar. Breadcrumbs are displayed on both desktops as well as mobile search results by Google. It gets the breadcrumbs from multiple places, from your URL and schema markup to your actual breadcrumbs on the page.

To increase your click rates using breadcrumbs, make sure Google displays the breadcrumbs that you want it to display, using those keywords you choose. The best way to do that is to make sure that you have breadcrumbs on your page with links and that you’re using schema markup. Ideally, it would match your URL structure, but that isn’t always necessary.

3. Meta Description

It is an old-school method to increase SEO activities on your webpage. Quite frequently used in SEO strategies as well. But recent studies have shown that 30% of the webpages do not use meta description anymore, which is understandable because 70% of the time, the meta description is being rewritten by Google. This usually happens because it’s not using the keywords that the user is searching for. So, to avoid re-writing of meta-description by Google, one needs to write a well-crafted meta description, using keyword-rich descriptions, which has the ability to compel users to click on your link.

4. Titles

Other than meta-description, titles are another old-school way to increase your clicks. You can incorporate several hacks in your titles to enhance your click rates for your webpage. Some simple hacks are adding numbers, such as dates or statements like 5 Reasons why, etc., writing a question for your title, or making sure your title is keyword rich.

5. Title

Boilerplate refers to the parts of your title tag that repeat every single time. To optimize your click rates using boilerplate, your titles need to be unique and provide unique value. So, experiment with your boilerplate and see which title helps you increase your rankings.

6. FAQs

When Google added the FAQs section, it gave several web pages another opportunity to increase their click rates without getting ranked. Adding a FAQ section to your webpage allows you to increase your visibility if Google features it on their FAQ section. Thus, make sure you have a keyword-rich FAQs section on your webpage.

So, these are the top 6 tips that can be incorporated in SEO strategies to increase SEO activities on your webpage by increasing click rates. On our next article of this series, we will be discussing about how we can increase SEO activity for your webpage using content/on-page SEO.

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