Back in 1978, Gary Thuerk, who worked for Digital Equipment Corp. Became the first man to send an email blast to about 400 hundred people, and this little email marketing stunt resulted in $13 million in sales.  

Around 40 years since that incident, today there are 3.8 million email users worldwide and it generates on an average $38 for every dollar spent, a 3800% return on investment, thus making it a very powerful tool used by companies around the world to promote their products/services and boost their sales. 

So, what exactly is email marketing? 

It’s not spam and neither is it a personal letter from your loved ones, but it falls somewhere between those two.  

Email marketing is the practice of sending a commercial message to existing or potential customers and the purpose of these emails can be advertisements, business requests, soliciting sales, or even demand for donations.  

But when a customer or a potential customer shares his email address with you, it’s a very crucial piece of information and it all depends on you what you make of it. You can either turn him into a loyal customer or you can end up in his spam mails sections.  

In today’s article, we will talk about how you can master this very useful tool of digital marketing.  

It is very crucial to understand that email marketing is not about you or your company, but it is about your customers. The primary purpose of any email marketing campaign should be to use it to consolidate the existing relationship with your subscribers and generate leads by providing relevant and valuable information that will help make them informed decisions towards their goals.  

As long as we remember this golden rule, we won’t end up in our subscriber’s spam list.  

Before we start with how to use email marketing efficiently, we need to understand when to use it.  

The ability to communicate with a large subscriber base with just a mail allows you to save time energy as well as manpower. So, email marketing should be used to build connections and strengthen your customer base, promote your content directly by sharing relevant blogs and articles, generate leads as well as market your products.  

How to use email marketing?

Now that we understand when to make use of this tool, let us understand how to use it effectively.  

  1. To build relationships with subscribers and to convert them into potential customers, one must emphasize personal engagement.  
  1. If your email marketing objective is to generate brand awareness, you should keep your company’s products/services as the top priority while composing your emails. 
  1. In order to generate leads using email marketing, you will have to emphasize on enticing your subscribers to share their personal information with valuable information. 
  1. If you wish to market your products using email marketing then you will have to emphasize on smart promotion of your products via email. 

These are some tips you can incorporate when you use email marketing the next time to promote your products/brand. But the key to good email marketing irrespective of what your objective is, lies in your content. So, make sure that your subscribers are able to relate to the content. Also, they say, the portion decides the poison, so try to maintain the frequency of your emails. If you send it too often, your subscribers might find it annoying but at the same time mailing them sparely will make them forget about your brand.  

Sometimes balancing the content, frequency, and intensity of your emails for email marketing can be a very tricky thing to do, so many companies prefer to outsource it to marketing companies who specialize in it. One such company is Tresformics. 

We at Tresformics understand your business and its requirements and then present customized email marketing strategies to increase your website traffic and increase your revenue. Our strategy consists of carefully curated content and eye-catching email designs that will engage your customers. 

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