To stay ahead of the curve in 2023, you must learn about the latest and greatest social media platforms list available, as every year introduces new networks for us to explore. 2023 is no different – there’s a whole host of exciting new social media platforms that have recently launched and are quickly gaining in popularity.

In this article, we’ll look at the social media platforms list that is a must-know for this year. They arrived on the scene in 2023 and have captured our eye and several older ones are being revolutionized quickly.

The social media platforms list of 2023: Top 6 social networks to know

1. BeReal

The first network to make its place on our 2023 social media platforms list is BeReal. It is one of the newer social media applications created in France in late 2019. As an anonymous broadcast platform, its function is straightforward: Users share relevant pictures and experiences in real-time.

An excellent time to begin leveraging BeReal is at the moment, and it’s an excellent method to help customers understand what they’re buying by ensuring they see behind-the-scenes content and what goes on behind the scenes daily. It is a prerequisite for setting up your brand ready to be represented when you are asked to snap your photo on BeReal.

2. Shuffles by Pinterest

The next network to see on the social media platforms list is Shuffles. Pinterest introduced to the world an application called Shuffles that combines various image elements. It provides multiple ways for users to create mix-and-match slideshows. An excellent platform for retailers is the picture collage’s condition that each click directs users to the originating product on the web.

The Shuffles app has a lot of potential as a platform for influencer marketing campaigns. Influencers could use the app and Instagram to create brand-specific shopping guides and links to those products. Any brand can create a Shuffle highlighting its products or services.

3. Instagram Reels

Instagram is a trendy social media platform with plenty of monthly active users. This social network makes it on our social media platforms list of 2023 because of its brand-new feature, Instagram Reels, allowing individuals to share 15 to 60-second multi-clip video clips with audio, such as TikTok, and more.

Brands and social media managers can use the Instagram Reels feature to send out footage to followers directly on their profiles. Social media managers can also use Instagram Reels to improve their marketing strategy.

4. Twitter Spaces

Over 230 million distinct Twitter users can use the much-loved Twitter online program. However, this network paved its way to our social media platforms list due to the launch of Twitter Spaces in 2020, which helped the platform further innovate, serving as the venue for live audio conversations.

Twitter Spaces is excellent for relaying suggestions to your audience regarding future events or products. If you have a well-known Twitter account, it’s a great way to interact with followers and compose real-time updates, triggering a round of discussion. Organization teams may host a live event and add as many as ten speakers to produce conversationally engaging events.

5. Spotify Greenroom

Greenroom was introduced in 2021 on Spotify to compete with other platforms for a solid Spotify-based user base, and this innovation has taken its place on our social media platforms list of 2023. Spotify has an outstretched empire of 422 million live monthly users. Greenroom allows followers and management to chat and listen to live music.

Spotify is an easy-to-use and streamlined platform for companies to mount ads. In addition, Spotify Greenroom caters to music lovers with various interests, so there are opportunities for a vast collection of brands.

For example, large brands like Neutrogena, Pizza Hut, Samsung, LinkedIn, etc., utilize Spotify for marketing. But it’s not only for big brands. Many large and small brands have been using Spotify to market their products and services.

6. Supernova

The next network to make its place on the social media platforms list of 2023 is Supernova. It claims to be a social networking site offering generous donations. According to users’ preferences, they will allocate 60% of advertising revenue to global charities. The experience is similar to Instagram, with users sharing photographs, videos, comments, and messaging. Users can nominate in their profile which charitable cause they want to support (like climate action, homelessness, mental health, etc.) with the cash that Supernova gains from its ad partners.

When a user’s post is Liked, their choice of charity will earn a more significant portion of the “Supernova Action Fund” as a donation. With 24/7 human moderation, they promise a kinder, more inclusive community. The Supernova could be the platform to offer brands an alternative to toxic social media.


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