Performance marketing may be a relatively new term, but the concept has been there for much longer. Since the early 1900s, advertisers have always been interested in people’s purchases—who they buy products from, how often they purchase, and why they choose certain brands over others. This process of studying consumer habits to promote products and services is called marketing, and many marketers use techniques like marketing research, advertising, and public relations to reach potential customers. The word “performance” refers to marketing campaigns that focus on tracking results over time.

What is Performance Marketing?

This marketing focuses on the result of a campaign over time. This is different from traditional marketing campaigns, which focus on creating awareness for a product or service and driving new sales. Performance marketing campaigns are typically tailored to reach a certain audience so that the message reaches only those most likely to respond. They tend to focus on building brand awareness or motivating customers to take action—to use a product or service more frequently or in a different way than they used it before. This means the targeting is more focused and streamlined.

For example, an online brand could use this marketing method to track clicks on a website to determine which product pages are most popular. This data helps the brand figure out what pages will work best for a new campaign, and what customers who are already interested might be most likely to buy.

Companies can also use performance marketing to measure specific goals, such as lead generation or the number of customers who act on a promotion. With the data in hand, the brands can understand what type of marketing works best and then use the information to modify their marketing strategy for the next round. For example, if they see that Facebook is outperforming Google ads, they will spend more on Facebook. If their email campaign is not successful, they might have to write a new one the next time around.

The Difference Between Performance Marketing and Digital Marketing

Performance marketing is a form of digital marketing that uses customer data to drive marketing automation strategies. It tracks how people respond to messages, and then targets them with messages that are personalized to their specific needs and want. This type of marketing is an effective way to reach out to customers to offer personalized solutions instead of a “one size fits all” approach. In a performance marketing campaign, measurable results are expected. Performance-based advertising is more advantageous because you know the return on investment upfront and have a clear understanding of your ROI. With great results achieved, you can feel more confident that your online marketing strategy is worth the effort.

Why and How is Performance Marketing Measured?

The best part about performance marketing is that everything here is measurable and trackable, if you have run an ad, you can see form fills and impressions as result, if that’s an email campaign, you can see opens, CTA, and other metrics based on which you can track and optimize your marketing campaign.

So, how does one measure performance? It is really simple and we will be covering it in a few lines. For example: If you run a paid search campaign on Google, the system will record every click, CTA, and conversion, and then report it to you. All the time you will be able to monitor your performance from a dashboard, and see which aspects have worked well and which ones haven’t. It is not rocket science, so it is really easy to track and optimize any type of performance marketing program.

What are the benefits of Performance Marketing?

There are numerous benefits of performance marketing which include and or not limited to detailed reporting, measurable results, better ROI, optimise performance, less manual work, and better results. In general, this is one of the most used forms of marketing these days which helps to create value for the end user while getting the ROI for the organisations who are running the campaigns.


We have shared a lot of information about Performance Marketing and hopefully, this article has been easy to understand. It doesn’t take much time, just a little effort and knowledge will do the job. With a lot of free tools available like Google Academy, Hubspot Academy, and Digital Marketing Academy, Learning performance marketing and executing that is a piece of cake for anyone who is interested. We @ Tresformics solutions also provide performance marketing solutions for businesses around the world while keeping the costs under control.

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